Revealing the history of Africa

Why should we learn about the history of Africa?

Because too many people still believe what Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper stated in 1964 that: In Europe, we generally find out very little about Africa’s past, apart from possibly transatlantic slavery. This means we grow up with very negative ideas about Africa and of people whose ancestors are African. This means we must begin to understand some general areas of African history to begin to get a better view of the world and people around us. Africa being a vast and diverse continent means that this is a vast subject, so in this short space we will look at a few areas that introduce some key aspects of Africa and its history.

Europeans needed a moral excuse to transport enslaved Africans and then to divide Africa among themselves. So they invented the myth of there being no African history and no African civilisation. This justified their exploitative dealings with the ‘savages’. The absence of African history from our textbooks today continues this myth of inferiority – if people have no history, they have no culture, no civilisation and are therefore inferior to westerners.


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